les gift guide

Gifting has extra importance this year. It isn’t about the money, the faff, or the sheer sake of it. This year is about picking up the people we hold dear with thoughtful gifts that make them smile, and that connect with who they truly are. 
To help you nail gift-giving this Christmas, we’ve pulled together the very best of les girls les boys apparel to browse and get inspired by. All by personality-type, because every crew has a...


Spontaneous, fun, adventurous, rock ‘n’ roll, and always the life and soul of the party (even over Zoom).


The can’t stop won’t stop friend that demands style and comfort, versatility, and zero-nonsense durability. 


For sweet dreams in bed-to-street apparel that effortlessly flows with their ad-hoc sleep cycle.


100% organic goodness, consciously made, with non-toxic dyes for the green heart of your group. 


The dreamer, poet, love-fool, and nostalgic romantic.
A les girls les boys gift card is a sure fit for anyone, anytime, anywhere - just as they are. Give them the gift to choose themselves, with cards from £10 to £100.