make up with monday

We’ve all been there: that creeping dread you feel as the weekend winds down and you’re left with a severe case of the Monday blues. 'Blue Monday' is the day in January (the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. But it’s 2021. Hasn’t Monday been shunned and loathed enough? Maybe it's time we Made up with Monday... 
Why? Well, because what is more inspiring than a fresh start?!
Monday signals the beginning of a brand-new week, and the chance to begin again. It’s an opportunity for positive energy - make new goals and learn from last week's mistakes. 
    Ease into your initial workday with a #mondaymingle with your co-workers and friends (who doesn't love a good weekend story?!) 
      We often leave all our normal eating, sleeping, and workout habits behind on Fridays. Try to find a balance that lets you unwind while still keeping up with your wellness routines.
        If you’re constantly labouring online when you should be taking the weekend to relax, you’re setting yourself up for burnout. Break the habit and try literally unplugging to focus on personal time. 
          Try and be kinder to Monday itself too. Try to avoid scheduling meetings or big tasks on a Monday. This should help you feel less overwhelmed. 
            Make Mondays better for others - it’s your chance to cheer someone up. Make a point of giving someone an extra compliment or words of encouragement this Monday. 
              It's high time we gave Mondays a second chance - because that's what they give us.