the future is seamfree

Seamfree clothing is where our ongoing efforts to be more sustainable collide with our passion for technique and creating garments that make you feel good.

Our seamfree collection is, technically, classed as underwear. But at les girls les boys we’ve never let traditional definitions of clothing get in the way of styling out an outfit or look. We challenge outdated notions of what clothes should be, for who, and when they can be worn. In our seamfree range, you’ll find this play out in our bras that double up as crop-tops, and bodysuits that you can build an interchangeable look around. All with a smooth, and breathable zero seam form.

Our manufacturing process for seamfree reduces waste from fabric and thread during production, and provides a unique kind of stretch and comfort. It minimises the use of energy by cutting down time on sewing machines, and even enables us to integrate different levels of elasticity throughout garments to perfect how it sculps bodies. More than any other garment, our seamfree range has been the most technical to create. We’ve had to pay extra attention to the composition of bras to ensure they still provide support whilst not leaving strap marks, and ensure underwear sits and feels exactly as it should - enabling its wearer to feel their most comfy, cosy, free, sexy, chic and supported-self all at once. 

The minimal aesthetic and structure of the range has a deliberate no-fuss feel and appearance, gently facilitating and flowing between gender and body spectrums. It’s kind, accepting, fluid, and non-judgemental. Our message to the world is to be comfortable in who you truly are, and seamfree is a canvas for this exploration, acceptance, and love. 

We’re excited about the potential for introducing new manufacturing methods with our skilled production partners to bring about new innovations within fashion that make our production more sustainable, and kind to our bodies. Innovations that prize the resources we use, the quality of making, and the different people that wear our garments.

Discover a skin friendly edit of les girls les boys staples that are soft, gentle, and kind to the body by Izzy Utterson of 'x with a hidden illness' podcast.