what we're watching - volume one

Desperate for new stories to get lost in? Izzy from our design team lists what she’s been watching and recommending to stay-at-home friends.

One of the plus sides to staying at home is getting to catch up on great TV shows and epic films. We’ve been rewatching our all time favourites, getting recommendations from friends, and building our watch lists. To help you do the same, we’re listing what we’re watching right now, along with our all-time-favourites, inspired by les girls les boys.  

Izzy recommends...

Zoolander - directed by Ben Stiller
Zoolander stars Ben Stiller, who has always been one of my fav comedy actors. In this he’s a spoof fashion guru, not his usual type of character. It’s a good film to watch when life's getting a bit ‘on top’. Despite some dreadful outfits in this film, there’s also hidden gems and some really cool and fun sources of inspiration.

I’d have to pair this film with the leopard pj’s from SS20. Zoolander himself wears the most extra array of suits, from sparkly, to animal print, to brightly coloured. These pj’s particularly remind me of him, and just the general vibe of the film. The pj’s are loud but tasteful, and this is how Zoolander would like to consider himself, I think!

The film encourages people to take the fashion industry with a pinch of salt, like it’s ok to make jokes and have fun. We encourage play and fun at les girls les boys. We all definitely need this energy at the moment.

Kill Bill Vol 1 - directed by Quentin Tarantino
I often switch between Vol 1 and 2 as my favourite film of all time. Uma is so badass. She seeks revenge on a group of deadly assassins in Tokyo. The martial arts are crazy, you’re constantly on the edge of your seat. It’s a perfect distraction - you’ll be fully engrossed for 2+ hours and then you won’t be able to think about anything else. It never gets boring. The outfits and the soundtrack are incredible. I’ve seen so many amazing fancy dress outfits inspired by this film, it’s a sure cult classic.

I’m pairing this film with our all-in-one yellow swimsuit from SS20 because of the iconic yellow boiler suit that Uma Thurman wears. Everyone knows this look, even if they haven’t watched the film. The rich yellow one piece is a powerful statement. It’s the essence of the film. It gives you a buzz of life and energy just to look at. 

I love the message of fearlessness in Kill Bill. Uma is very much playing the typical role of a ‘man’, taking part in martial arts and fighting. The film doesn't stick to the norm, and plays around notions of what women and men should do.

Euphoria - HBO 
Euphoria is an American coming of age series, produced by Drake. It’s the best series I’ve watched for a long time. Although dark at times, this is my idea of entertainment. Each character's story is as complicated and thought provoking as the next, which is the case for all teenagers - the process of growing up is never straightforward. There’s some incredible fashion and styling in this series, I’ve drawn so much inspiration for my own outfits and even design work from it. The fashionista of the series is called Maddy (Alexa Demie). Her makeup, hair, and clothing is on another level iconic. I’ve never had such a girl crush in my life. 

I’m pairing this series with the red leopard swimsuit from SS20. This is in celebration of Maddy, and her bold, sexy and playful outfits throughout the season. I can 100% see her in this. I can guarantee she would know exactly how to style it. The print is young and daring, which is the vibe of the series in a nutshell.

The teen characters are either in the process of finding themselves, or they are already unapologetically themselves. It displays many examples of the power of love and friendship, and the journeys we go through with these people. It represents values close to the les girls les boys heart: un-filtered, unpretentious, and honest.


Izzy Wild is part of our London-based design team. She has a degree in fashion patterns from London College of Fashion. For her, les girls les boys’ combination and fluidity of intimates, bed, and street is exactly what contemporary style is all about. Izzy is inspired by the freedom within fashion to juxtapose and merge eras and styles to create new visions. Find her on Instagram: @isabelwildchild