We’ve been repurposing swimwear as outerwear from Day 1 of les girls les boys. There’s no other garment in our wardrobe that can give us the same lift, that can hold us as earnestly, and pick-up our mood with sweet memories of the beach and sun-drenched days spent with friends and family. 

If you’re rethinking your wardrobe during lockdown, swimwear is an underrated jewel. Pair it with breezy pyjama shorts, woven boxers, or trousers for the garden, terrace, yard, or balcony (if you’re lucky enough to have either) or with jeans and a pyjama shirt or woven cami for the park. Have it peeking out from under a ribbed jersey tank or loose cotton T-shirt to add an extra element to your layering, or enjoy the durability and functionality of the fabrics for low impact exercise.






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