our response to covid-19

We’re proud to be part of an industry where brands and businesses of all sizes are stepping up and helping our communities at this difficult time. We're committed to doing everything we can to support our key workers. Small independent businesses like ours, large scale corporations, communities, and individuals - everyone's efforts are vital.

We are aware that some front line NHS staff are choosing to stay away from home in an effort to keep their families safe from Covid-19. Staff in this position need easy access to clean clothes. This is why les girls les boys is donating thousands of our softest cotton rib and jersey comfort underwear to the NHS St Bart’s Trust. The Trust covers five hospitals: Royal London Hospital, Newham University Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and Mile End Hospital.

Alongside the shipments of underwear, we are also providing our comfortable sweats and t-shirts for staff to use when they are on break from their vital work.

Being more responsible isn't just a line you cross, it's a path that you follow.

Our responsibility is underpinned by our commitment to quality. It isn’t just about garments. It’s about the way they’re made, the people who make them, what they’re packaged in, the fabrics we’ve chosen, the way they make you feel, and the conversations we have with each other.

reducing our carbon-footprint

We don’t believe in fast fashion, we believe in cherishing pieces no matter how inexpensive. 

Our current carbon reduction and environmentally friendly practises include:

- Sourcing with carbon-footprint in mind, opting for lower impact manufacturing, processes and fabrics where possible. 

- Print directly onto clothing instead of using labels, where we can.

- Shipping by sea and road, rather than air.

- Biodegradable and recyclable packaging that can be reused. Find out more about our packaging here.

- Creating quality clothes that stand the test of time, ignoring here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion trends.

- Communicating with you about the best way to care for your clothes with limited impact on the environment. 

- Championing the classics and wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion. 

- Work with certified makers to ensure no harmful chemicals are present in our textiles. 

- Encouraging you to share your garment before, and after, you’re finished with it. An estimated $500 billion of value globally is lost a year due to underwearing and a failure to recycle clothes.

Our sustainability journey is ongoing. We’re constantly learning, finding new ways to do better, and making small but important changes to our practices that make real impact.

do good by buying good

extending the lifecycle of garments with love and care

We are mindful in making clothes, and we want you to be mindful in caring for them, too. 20-30% of the carbon-footprint of clothing takes place after it’s been bought. 

As a purchaser, you have the responsibility to: opt for quality over quantity, know your fabrics, invest in evergreen pieces, be considerate about how you wash your garments, repair your clothes when they need TLC, and share what you no longer need. 

How to love and care for your clothes:

- The majority of our garments can be washed at 40 degrees, or in a delicate cycle. The lower temperature you wash, the better it is for the environment.

- Wash your garments by hand as much as possible, but especially so for delicate items such as bras, lace, and anything embroidered. When using a machine, make sure you wash full loads, use wash bags for delicate items such as bras, and wash with non-abrasive eco-friendly detergent. Often, a good airing or brush wash is all your worn clothes may need. Bear in mind that washing clothes releases 500,000 tons of microfibers - the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles - into our oceans each year.

- The beauty of freshly aired clothes is one of life’s simple pleasures. If you can, dry naturally using a washing line or clotheshorse. Sunshine is nature’s natural disinfectant, zapping unwanted bacteria from fabrics that need higher temperature washes, such as gymwear, underwear, and bed linen. 

- Store your clothes smartly. Keep expensive or delicate items in cotton suit bags to prevent moth damage, and line your drawers with lavender paper or breathable bags.

- 85% of all textiles go to landfill each year. Globally, that’s the equivalent of one truck-load of clothes every second. If your clothing is broken, ripped, or suffering from wear-and-tear, seek out a trusted and quality local tailor or dressmaker to repair it. Better still, learn how to do it yourself.

- Champion garment care with friends, lovers, family, and your communities. 

You can find individual garment care instructions on each product page, and on the care label of your les girls les boys garment.

our fabrics

80% of our fabrics are bespoke, and chosen based on the end-use for each item. They don’t exist anywhere, so we imagine them, then make them. This doesn’t mean that we’re wasting precious resources for the sake of creating - it means we’re focussed on using those resources to make the best possible version we can, that lasts well for as long as it possibly can. 

If the jersey we source is too scratchy, we make a bespoke blend based on what we need - that soft comfort feel - by adding different fibres and stonewashing. We've made satin stretch, and added megawatt comfort paired with a high-shine, luxe finish. All with the richness of colour, and the durability of being able to wash at 40 degrees. To make this possible, we communicate with our factory, who communicate it to a mill, and then to yarn manufacturers. The design of a garment takes 10% of our efforts, the rest of our energy is channeled into development and fit for every single piece we create.

The simple functionality of a micro-fibre bonded bra clasp, the super-soft, lightweight T-shirt versus its 200 gram heavyweight counterpart. Artful embroidery, tactile textures, cocooned zips, and the breathable and natural antimicrobial bamboo fibres of our underwear. They are all the joys of les girls les boys.

Where possible, we only work with Oeki-Tex Class 2 certified makers, and natural organic fibres, to ensure no harmful substances are present in our textiles. Producing synthetic fibres such as polyester releases two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton. It also doesn't break down in the ocean, which is where 35% of these fibres end up due to laundry washing. 

gold-standard sourcing and manufacturing

We know our sourcing routes, and the excellence and care from the places our garments are made. We’ve chosen them to ensure we meet both industry, and our own, standards that we’re proud to stand by. 

Time spent on carefully choosing the right sourcing and manufacturing takes as long as the time we spend on design. For us, it’s an equal process.  

Our garments are made across a select choice of locations in the UK, Italy, Portugal and China, and we’re always looking at other areas. Without their strong and skilled gold standard manufacturing, les girls les boys innovations and designs wouldn't be possible. 

We visit all of our factories. We practise stringent and regular global factory compliance and ethical trade auditing for responsibility, sustainability and quality assurance to ensure all our makers are compliant, pay well and treat well. We travel to manufacturers multiple times each season to work on new developments and inspect production, as it happens. 

Our underwear is made in the world’s best lingerie factories, prized for their fit, manufacturing and service. Developing lingerie is long and technical, requiring highly skilled experts for the best results. Each size must fit and perform like no other item of clothing. The bras we make are stress-tested for ultimate fit, wear and durability.

All of our manufacturers carry Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certificates, which proves their commitment to improving working conditions in the global supply chain. We also require their practise of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) methodology, a valid third-party internationally recognised best-practise ethical audit.

quality that lasts, at the best price

Our mission is to deliver next-level quality apparel that you can afford. We are constantly working on improving our quality and affordability. 

We work to the highest cost price, not the lowest, so you pay the fairest price for our garments - and we make sure we can justify every penny of it. 

Everyday luxury is about design built for the end-function of each piece: the cut of a T-shirt, the feel of bespoke fabric, and the organic fibres of cotton and jersey working with your body. No matter how little your investment, we promise you a long-term return. 

To be as sustainable as possible, we must be resourceful. That means always opting for quality. 

Do good by buying good.


les girls les boys is a hearts + minds ecosystem that gives back. Our values are sharing, love, friendship, progressive ideas and free identities. 

We are a shareable label, each item designed and made to pass on. But our commitment to sharing doesn’t end there. Our knowledge, resources, product, and expertise are shared where we feel we can make the most impact. 

This sharing includes work we do with various partners to raise awareness and support for causes we believe in. Since 2017 les girls les boys has participated in the #sheinspiresme Car Boot Sale, where all profits go towards supporting the work of Women for Women International, a charity helping female survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Part of the proceeds from our pop-up store revenues have been donated to Mind, the mental health charity, and Centrepoint, the UK’s leading homelessness charity. 

We also work with:

Street Smart | St Anne’s Community Services | The Salvation Army | Smalls for All 

Our conversations editorial platform is a place for our global community to read progressive stories from like-minded and bold new voices, intended to reject outdated norms and embrace modern attitudes.


We promise to be unfiltered, unpretentious, and transparent. We come from a place of honesty in how we speak, make, and create. 

From detailed product descriptions so you know exactly what you’re purchasing, information on how to care for your garments, knowing what your order packaging looks like before it arrives at your door, and being honest with ourselves and you about what we need to work on to be better.

for everyone and anyone, all the time

We welcome everyone and anyone who embraces the fluidity of love and friendship. 

We want daughters to recommend to mothers, brothers to recommend to boyfriends, girlfriends to recommend to friends, friends to recommend to lovers. 

Not only are we holding space for you to choose, we want to go further by promoting cross cultural mind-sets and diverse identities that are paving the way for even more choice. Join our community and conversations.

Want to talk to us about responsibility? Contact responsibility@lesgirlslesboys.com.