les boys brief


Briefs are the 21st century's classic men’s underwear, but they have endured a long and varied evolution to arrive at the now-original style. Older than some civilisations, the brief began as the loincloth. It was a rudimentary, breezy beginning; a hanging piece of cloth. These morphed to loose-fitting linen called braies (or breeks or breeches). Tied at the waist and thighs, they offered comfort and coverage but zero support. So Henry, the Lothario, VIII fashioned the peacocking codpiece. We’re pleased to be past that padding, but grateful for the buttons and snaps they provided - for easy access. 


Half a century later, and originally designed for women, western men favoured union suits (known today as onesies). Evolved from the codpiece, these too had button-up fronts, but also rear flaps named ‘access hatches’… so men didn’t have that naked issue women still face, using the ladies’ in a one-piece. 


From here styles started getting smaller… union suits turned to long johns, and long johns to boxers (inspired by the swimwear on a Riviera postcard). In plain white cotton, the boxer and brief grew in popularity throughout the 1940’s. Makers were hesitant at first to put them in-stores, but the brief provided comfort and support like no men’s underwear had before - they went viral; an instant sell-out. After a little decline, flower power brought the brief back. With long-hair, free spirits and patterned pride men paraded their thighty no-longer whities. 


Today the style’s for les girls and les boys. We have freedom to choose - maybe you wear briefs, maybe boxers; maybe you wear long johns or something less gender specific. But thanks to modern society, there is a super-comfy, super-supportive style for your body, in a material and colour you want to wear, whoever you feel like that day. 


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