Last year, London-living American photographer, Ellen Fedors photographed our collaboration collection, les girls les boys x  Opening Ceremony. We loved her work so much, we put it on t-shirts!


We spoke with Ellen at the time about photography, self-exploitation and irony. “I don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of taking a pretty picture”, she said “I really do strive to make them have a little bit of something, some kind of humour. I try. It doesn’t always work but always do try to make it not just be a pretty picture. I really love the ugly ones actually.”


Ellen’s self-objectification in her work blurs the lines between the male and female gaze. She shoots directly into the mirror, so we know she has the power, but the image of ‘woman’ she presents isn’t so familiar to us from a woman’s perspective. It is perhaps reminiscent of the 1970’s bachelor she describes her taste as being like.


“That’s my persona”, she joked, “the creepy guy who has a remote control fireplace… I love that kind of stuff. I mean, I’m putting a pole in my apartment now. Maybe I’m channeling this neo-female gaze”.


On whether Ellen finds it daunting to share her work publicly: “I definitely hold some back but there is an element of meditation or practice in a way to be able to put something out there. You’re revealing a lot about yourself physically, stylistically or emotionally. It’s really liberating not having to be attractive or pretty because you do something that you care about on the inside, so you care less about what superficial things might be going on on the outside. I try to put things out there that are a challenge to me. It has transcended into my daily life because there is a sort of inner or quiet confidence - you know that you’re doing something you love, are proud of or are satisfied in an internal, personal way. And it may not seem like anything but it gives you a certain, peace, I guess.”


Read the full interview and explore the collection of tees featuring Ellen’s humorous photography on identity.



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