Before their waistbands peeked from our sweats, and insta erupted with hashtags (‘in my…’), boxers and briefs were the subject of ‘popular culture, from fashion to fine art to film. Enjoy some of our favourite ‘brief’ moments below.





Picasso in Underwear, David Douglas Duncan (1957)

Captured by Duncan in both boxers and briefs, Picasso considered underwear ideal for creating a masterpiece.





paul newman in long hot summer


Long Hot Summer (1958)

Set in a sweaty Mississippi heatwave, Long Hot Summer sees Paul Newman enter the balcony in nothing but his boxers. The scene flipped the with of the male gaze as girls swooned for their first taste of eye candy.





benjamin and mrs robinson in the graduate


The Graduate (1967)

As Simon and Garfunkel plays, Benjamin Bracken (Dustin Hoffman) scandalously goes from floating in his boxers around the pool to visit Mrs Robinson at her hotel.




andy warhol dollar sign on men's underwear


Dollar Sign on Men’s Underwear, Andy Warhol (1981)

Warhol was so besotted with his briefs that he used a pair as a canvas for one of his dollar-sign paintings.





ray petri buffalo style


Buffalo Style, Ray Petri

80’s youth culture collective Buffalo, here experimentally styled by Ray Petri, showed the British nation that anything goes. Why can’t boxers be outerwear?





nick kamen levis advert


Levi’s 501 Commercial with Nick Kamen (1985)

This iconic Levi advert had Nick Kamen strip to his boxers in a laundrette. His ultra-cool rocketed the boxer to the mainstream.







Tupac Shakur

The 90’s rapper was filmed saying that low-riding was like “putting your middle finger up without having to put your middle finger up”. People took note and pulled down.




spike notting hill


Notting Hill (1999)

Hugh Grant’s crazy flatmate Spike (Rhys Ifan) greets the paparazzi with his “nice firm buttocks” in a pair of “well chosen briefs”. Chicks love grey…




patrick batemen american psycho


American Psycho (2000)

(Fictional) serial killer Patrick Bateman preps and preens, performing his yoga and crunches - “I can do a thousand now” - in a pair of creepily crisp boxers. 




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