les girls les boys have worked with British collage artist Lydia Lazarus to create a collection of printed t-shirts, available exclusively at lesgirlslesboys.com. The collaboration draws upon recurrent themes in Lydia’s work of beauty and desire. In the artist’s own words: “I wanted to step away from my heavier, darker work, to use something immersed in romance, intimacy and passion.”


Lazarus’s work is made by hand through an expressive, cathartic process, and brings an intimate human touch to our classic cotton t-shirts. Her expansive archive of material is taken from vintage fetish magazines, glamour magazines from the 50s and 60s, medical journals and hundreds of old gardening books. “It has always been important for me”, she says “to create something raw, unperfected and true”.


She says of her inspiration: “it’s hard to define. I have creative urges, rather than inspiration, like an itch that needs to be scratched. I get an urge to create something; to remove a feeling from inside and put it onto paper.”



floral window t-shirtcensored rose t-shirtforget me knot t-shirtfloral window black t-shirt
floral window t-shirt
censored rose t-shirt
forget me knot t-shirt
floral window t-shirt



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