This time of year, everyone’s talking about Valentine’s and it’s mostly traditional hetro. But les girls les boys celebrate the fluidity of love and friendship, so we wanted to highlight some other relationships we admire.







Myles O’Meally and Fenn O’Meally 

brother and sister



Nike Footwear Developer Myles and Journalist Filmmaker Fenn may live in different countries, but the siblings still support and encourage each other’s ambitions, with healthy competition on their running times!








Honey Ross and Scarlett Curtis



Long-time friends and co-founders of Pink Protest', the community responsible for #FreePeriods and #girlswanktoo. Together Honey and Scarlett are body positivity, feminism and comedy champions.







Marz Lovejoy and Nomi Rasmussen Lovejoy

mother and daughter


Multi-media artist Marz Lovejoy has built a community on Instagram by talking about things that matter to her: motherhood, sobriety, body positivity. All with a sense of fun. She and baby daughter Nomi go to the office, shoots and fashion week together; they make it work for them. Nomi seems to be inheriting her mother’s sense of humour too, being star of the Instagram account @nomiinwigs.








philip ellis and lauren mckelvie



Philip and Lauren are best friends living in Milan. The fashion duo always seem to coordinate and are each other’s exclusive photographers.







Tayler Prince Fraser and Koen Prince Fraser



Starting in streetwear, together the brothers have built a community able to tackle modern masculinity and mental health. Their ‘Last Pick Athletics Club encourages people to get out and active in the city.







Ellen Fedors and Rasmus Jensen 



Ellen and Rasmus are two photographers who instantly fell for each other when they met in LA. Ellen photographed her man and herself for les girls les boys x Opening Ceremony and told us all about their relationship whilst setting up a strip pole in their East London loft.