We grabbed a few moments during the les girls les boys AW 18 campaign shoot and got to know more about the stylist behind the camera.


Q: What’s your name?
EC: Eliza Conlon


Q: What is your role?
EC: Stylist


Q:How did you get into your role?
EC: I took a year out of my womenswear design course as I wanted to explore other avenues. Started assisting a particular stylist, and it just clicked. I stayed with her for five years until I decided to move on and work on my own projects.


Q:What was your first job in the industry?
EC: I assisted Jonathan Saunders in my summer holidays!


Q:What’s the best thing about being on set?
EC: Working with a team of people who are equally passionate about what they do.


Q:What is it about styling that excites you?
EC: Creating a world or character through clothing.


Q:What three things can you not be without on set?
EC: Lint roller, water and a nice team.


Q:Who or what inspires you most?
EC: People in everyday life, seeing the way they put their outfits together, even the nuances people create without trying too hard.


Q:What is your favourite les girls les boys item?
EC: The white boxers!




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